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Our People

In order to produce and share the news and stories that our readers rely on, we need journalists, marketers, reporters and many people who are highly skilled at their professions.

Among our Editors and Reporters for News Bytes Daily are:

Rebecca DeMaris is our Senior Editor. She is from a Chicago suburb and considers herself a “big-city” gal. Previously, she worked for NPR and The Washington Post. Rebecca is a graduate of the Communications program at the University of New York.




Diamond West started working for News Bytes Daily in early 2021. She grew up in a small town in Georgia but moved to the big city of Atlanta for college. She worked as a freelance journalist for several radio stations before joining us.




Brad Cranston is an experienced on-the-street reporter for News Bytes Daily. He briefly worked for a local newspaper (where he was a jack-of-all-trades) before joining us here. His passion is business and politics.