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Workians delve into metaverse as virtual real estate becomes the next big thing

Workians delve into metaverse as virtual real estate becomes the next big thing

Aug 22, 2022 14:38 IST

New Delhi [India], August 22 (ANI/SRV): Workians, a virtual real estate consultant, launches its platform to guide investors in the metaverse. The consultancy will help interested investors and buyers choose suitable platforms, guide them towards asset buying, and negotiate properties, among other services.
Technological disruptions over the past couple of years have revolutionized the realty sector. A significant part of these advancements is real estate in the metaverse, a simulation of the real world. The virtual ecosystem combines technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and video to create a digital space where users can interact, communicate, and transact virtually, go to virtual concerts, and do countless other virtual activities just like they do in the real world.
Even though virtual properties and virtual land deals are gaining momentum, the concept and navigating through it can be a little confusing. Workians was formed to bridge the gap in this flow of information and help investors generate income.
When a person invests in any asset, the basic idea is to get an increase in the asset’s value over time, also known as Appreciation. In real estate, the income from assets can be in the form of Rental Income on Residential and Commercial Property, Reselling the property, Leasing to a brand for selling their products, Leasing for office space, Building a house on Land, etc. All this is possible when there are buyers, sellers, developers, promoters, landlords, and tenants are present in the market. Metaverse helps in creating a group of people similar to the real world to create a real-world market.

Workians help people select suitable platforms, and guide the kind of assets to buy, where to buy, when to exit, and when to lease out their property on metaverse. It will also help in reselling and negotiating for the property, conducting meetings and parties, and socializing with people in the metaverse.
Since the sector is in a developing stage, investors need to carefully evaluate all the risks before investing to get maximum returns and benefits. Workians’ team of seasoned professionals provides proper guidance by constantly updating its clients with changes in the virtual ecosystem, researching and keeping a track of the infrastructural developments, choosing the right properties to invest in, and listing out the benefits and risks of investment opportunities.
Discussing how a property appreciates, Sajan Patel, Chief Director Propshop, Founder Workians said, “There are several developments that can increase the value of your property. If any celebrity or public figure buys property in your area, some new infrastructural developments and connectivity like metro, airport, etc is upcoming in the vicinity and/or new development like schools, universities and hospital takes place, the appreciation of your assets increase. We at Workians will keep the investors updated with the advances.”

Virtual properties are a good source to generate income. Brands have aggressively started positioning themselves in the metaverse because it is a great way to increase visibility. Brands can advertise themselves on your site at a cost thus creating a viable source of income. The opportunities provided by metaverse have attracted several ‘big guns’ such as Atari, Samsung, Miller Lite, Adidas, etc who have already claimed their stake in metaverse real estate.
“With the positive outlook on metaverse growth, companies have been heavily investing in virtual land properties. The amount of investment skyrocketed towards the end of 2021 and the start of 2022. The USA’s revenue from sales of virtual objects in real-world currency is approximately USD 100 million dollars, and over USD 1.5 billion worth of transactions occur yearly through in-environment trades. Despite the lucrative opportunities, investors are apprehensive about the risks. We will be consultants for your virtual estate dealing. Our team will guide you with each and every detail and direct you towards platforms and properties where your money will be safe” signed off Sajan Patel.
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